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ISBN#: 9781935013105
May 20, 2008
Wild Child Publishing
33 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Ivona Valeria Knight is a five-hundred-year-old vampire. Her story is one of pain and horror, but she has reaped the ultimate in revenge.

Lucian is drawn to this bar by some unknown force. His lineage is long and infamous, and it is his duty to carry on the tradition. He now wears the amulet that belonged to generations of men in his family.

Ivona sits in the bar telling her story to a rapt audience. Her account of untold horrors brought upon the people of Walachia by Prince Vlad Dracula leaves the patrons in stunned silence. However, her sole focus is the beautiful man with dark hair and startling blue eyes. Lucian can feel Ivona in his very soul, and the realization that he should be terrified does little to sway his attention. She is why he is here.

This is the story of Dracula told like no other. The character of Ivona is captivating and surreal. Lucian may be silent throughout much of the story, but he is just as intriguing. Ms. Leigh enthralls the reader, much like Ivona's audience. She weaves a tale of mystery, and you are just waiting for something to erupt. This will have you anxiously awaiting Book 2.

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