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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-212-2
September 2008
Red Rose Publishing
389 Pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal-Shifter, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Dallas Craig took care of her uncle while he wasted away from cancer. When her uncle leaves her his entire fortune after his death, Dallas' step-aunt and step-cousin are furious. On a cruise, they decide to dump her overboard and kill her.

Thane, an ancient mythical selkie, finds a beautiful woman clinging to some driftwood far out into the sea. Deciding to save her, he is stunned to find a sudden and enthusiastic attraction to this human. Realizing he has found his mate, Thane takes her back to his home.

When Dallas wakes from her near drowning, she finds herself in a rundown shack. A crazy, sexy man named Thane states he is a selkie and she is his mate. Determined to find her way back to civilization, she makes plans to leave his home. Before this can happen, an overwhelming desire crashes throughout her body, leaving Dallas aching with a need to claim Thane as her own.

Ms. Azod has turned an erotic paranormal into a sensual, delightful, and hilarious story. Overboard has all the good qualities that any paranormal should have, including the struggle to understand different beings besides humans, another world, different beliefs, and even some different language. This tale is a perfect example of a great erotica story.

A Love Reborn

Over a year ago, Kikomo Aguilera was sailing with her lover when a storm suddenly struck. Fighting to get the boat back inland, her lover shouted for her to go below deck. In trying to save Kikomo, Takuma was swept overboard and presumed dead.

Because he sacrificed his life for Kikomo, the sirens have granted Takuma special abilities. He has been turned into a selkie and comes to his lover by night. Once the sun starts to rise, he must wrap himself in his seal pelt and go back to the sea.

Kikomo's father does not realize Takuma is alive in the body of a selkie. He forces Kikomo to wed a vile and hateful man who is very wealthy and uses his position around town to his advantage. Hating her father and hating Odell even more, Kikomo tries to find a way to be with Takuma forever. When her intended finds her with a selkie, he devises a plan to rid the world of her lover while getting Kikomo to agree to become his bride.

Ms. Blue has taken the myth of how a selkie's pelt is tied to his life and turned it into an erotic story. A Love Reborn tells the tale of lovers torn apart and brought back together under paranormal circumstances. This tale jumped to different time frames which at first confused me. However, as I read further, it started to come together for me.

Faith's Tears

Faith Henderson is in Scotland on holiday with her boyfriend Sean. There is something mythical and magical about this place. It calls to her heart in a way that Sean cannot understand. Faith is always exploring by herself due to Sean's lack of enthusiasm for this beautiful land. When she walks into the hotel room to find her boyfriend in another woman's arms, Faith runs to the sea and cries for her lost relationship.

Rowan Kilgour has been waiting seventeen years for Faith to come to him. His senior year of high school he gave her a pendant, telling her it was to keep her safe. In reality, it marked Faith as his woman. As Faith's tears mesh with the rolling sea, it calls upon Rowan to come forth and finally call her his own.

Faith had always admired Rowan from afar in school. When she sees this beautiful man again, Faith does not even question why he is there. With her relationship over with Sean, she explores her deepening feeling for Rowan. When her ex-boyfriend tries to take her back and she pushes him away, it leads to a deadly confrontation with unforeseen consequences.

Faith's Tears is a beautiful and erotic story of love throughout time. Though Faith pretends to be meek and mild, she shows her true colors to Rowan, becoming a hellion and fighter. I loved how she could be a strong and independent woman and how Rowan loved her for who she really was. Rowan is a typical alpha male without being so overbearing that he is annoying. Ms. Burke has written a wonderful story to be enjoyed by paranormal fans around the world.

Sealed With A Fist

Yonder Austin is used to taking care of herself. Watched only by her tutor, she learns new and exciting things while her parents are away on one adventure after another. After disaster strikes, killing her parents, Yonder finds that greedy relatives have invaded her house. They abuse their power, her money, and her body, pushing her battered soul to the brink of madness.

Aonghus Fulgencio Din Eidyn is the most spoiled son out of the thirteen royal children. As the youngest and only child to be a sole birth, he demands everything and gets what he wants. Brought up by two loving parents and twelve loving brothers, Aonghus feels the world is his palace and everything in it should be his.

When Yonder is eleven years old, her greedy guardians take a cruise that leads to disaster. Pirates attack the ship, stranding her on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Mishap follows mishap and Yonder makes her way to an island filled with the royal selkie, including Aonghus. After growing to maturity, Yonder realizes that what she feels for Aonghus is not brotherly love, but something else entirely.

Sealed With A Fist is filled with love, lust, hope, laughs, and tears. The hurdles that Yonder must overcome tore me apart. Seeing the abuse given to this young girl ripped me up inside. When I saw the way the royal selkies took her in and adopted her, I felt happiness and hope. This novel is stunning and Ms. Johnson and Ms. Leigh have written a story straight from their hearts. Spectacular read!

The Dark Waters Anthology is a wonderful collection of stories about selkies. The different ways of telling a story are definitely evident in these well-arranged tales. The book starts off strongly, tapers out a little in the middle, but ends very strongly. I love how each author describes Scotland. The lush foliage pops out of the pages and into my imagination with each telling. I love how every story pertains to one subject and has its own story to tell. A very nice read all around!

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