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ISBN 1-58873-598-2
April 2005
Renaissance Books
233 Pages
Science Fiction Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Deadline is an outer space mystery that is an intellectual thriller with an attempted revolt against a future bureaucracy. Ybor Sebrof is a man on a mission to stop such a threat. Possibility of failure never enters his mind. All he has to do is penetrate into the stronghold of the enemy, find Dr. Sitruc, and destroy the most devastating weapon of history. That was all. He has no time to be captured, especially by any female. Can he even trust a native’s help or does she spell doom to his mission?

Ylas does not know if Ybor is with the Seilla agent when he accidentally lands in her grain field. He carries no papers on him. She cannot trust him, nor he her. When she finally listens to his story, will she believe him in time to let him go and deliver the vital information needed before they all suffer?

Deadline is a thought-provoking story of a man whose desire to be a normal, patriotic citizen fortuitously lead to his society’s overthrown. It will have you wondering who the good guy is throughout the story. There are other amazing short tales included in this set of stories that will give the reader thought.  

Whether a science fiction reader or not, you will enjoy this book. If it is taking the reader to Mars or searching for missing people when goons are chasing the good guys, a reader will not be disappointed in the works by Mr. Cartmill. Deadline and Someday I'll find you, were two of the books in the set that held me on the edge of my seat. If you have yet to read any stories by Cleve Cartmill, you are in for a treat.

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