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ISBN# Hardback-(10)0-345-47590-9/(13)978-0-345-47590-9/E-book-(10)0-345-50761-4/(13)978-0-345-50761-7
August 19, 2008
Ballintine Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 100191284
Hardcover and E-Book
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Annie Anderson is a journalist with an English fashion magazine, Handbag. Her latest lover, Chris, is Lou’s oldest friend, and her mother believes they should settle down and have babies. When Lou phones needing help, Annie goes to her rescue.

Luella McCartney, Lou, cannot believe that after years of not hearing from her father, he phones asking about her half-sister, Scarlett’s whereabouts. Lou has not seen Scarlett in just as long as she has not heard from her father. Lou phones her good friend for help.

Lou is infuriated when her estranged father calls asking her about Scarlett. She turns to the one person she can trust. Annie offers to investigate Scarlett’s situation. Rufus Ulrich offers a reward of a million dollars for any information on his daughter’s disappearance. Annie wonders why Lou has never used her father’s last name but it is a long story Lou would rather not discuss. Rufus has been compared to a Donald Trump sort of man, but Annie finds him a bit chilly. Annie can only hope any news on Scarlett is good. The more she investigates, it appears her relationship with Chris begins to suffer, leaving her to wonder not only about the condition of Scarlett but whether her relationship with Chris will continue to hold together.

The emotions run high in Deadly Beautiful. I could almost feel the chill when Rufus smiles just like Annie does. The description of Rufus is gritty and practically real. I love the categorization of all the cast. The way Lou speaks of Rufus, and her life growing up, was one that many can relate in an alienated relationship. Sam Baker does not simply create a story of a kidnapping, or a person missing, but rather a plunge into the fashion world and all the profundity that often surrounds it. One sometimes really does not think of what happens with all the models once they are off the cat walk, and this fascinating novel is full of elegance and style, while mixing some vindictive moments of suspense that keeps the reader on the edge.

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