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ISBN# 13: 978-0-9787738-8-5
March 20, 2009
Whimsical Publications, LLC
224 Jablo Ave., Cocoa, FL 32927
176 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Beauregard Channing, Beau, is a vampire who tries to keep certain objects from falling into the hands of the wrong person. He must track down a Pagan piece of jewelry that could possibly raise the dead.

Bradley Hildebrand does not like the fact that some man comes to her requesting her grandmother’s necklace. She refuses to sell and it is not up for negotiations, until the man claims to be a vampire.

Beau is searching for someone named Bradley and a piece of jewelry. Once he locates him, he’s pretty sure he will break his neck. Once Beau sets his foot on the college campus, he runs into Camden, a young kid who takes him to Bradley. All set to break the guys’ neck, his plans quickly change when he discovers Bradley is a beautiful woman. Bradley has broken up with her ex- because he felt she had no passion. She has no time to be bothered by Beau. As for her grandmother’s necklace, the item is not for sale. Beau will not give up. With the help of Camden, Beau plans to use his charm on Bradley and do everything in his power to get the necklace before it falls into the wrong hands and create havoc. Will Bradley be able to trust Beau?

I absolutely loved Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind. The characters are unbelievably life-like; there were moments I thought they had jumped from the pages. Beau drips with a heated charisma, and I could not help but be captivated by his charm. He is strong, handsome and magnetic. I enjoyed the dialogue between Beau and Bradley, not to mention the shower part. I thought the character of Camden played a great role. He added some wonderful momentum to the storyline. With great depiction, Melissa Hosack crafts a phenomenal read that consumed this reader from beginning to end. I did not want this action-packed thrill to end.

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