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ISBN# 0-373-27500-5
August 1, 2006
Silhouette Books
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
$4.99 U.S./$5.99 Canada
256 Pages
Silhouette Intimate Moments Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jack Thorne has a score to settle. It has been five long years and he looks forward to this revenge. The only problem is when he is ready to bring the action to a full scale and nab the smuggler that killed his family, a beautiful woman steps in the way creating more setbacks for Jack. Not to mention duty to ATSA, (Anti-Terrorism Security Agency) who insist that the smuggler remain alive for interrogation.

Sophie Constanza Elena Rinaldi is a nanny to a family who needed someone to speak Italian. She hopes to finish her degree in education and find real love with someone and have her own children. After being thrown into the arms of Jack for safekeeping, she knows he is wrong for her, like she is for him, but time has a way in saying otherwise.

Sebastian Vadim needs another courier to transport the drugs. He wishes he had never got stuck with the cursed uranium. When Sophie enters, he is certain his crisis is over. But when Vadim steps from the shadows he has no idea someone else is playing with the trump card.

Jack Thorne wishes he knew the Italian language when he is left trying to interpret what the nurses and doctors are saying after his suspect lands in the hospital. Sophie was spotted with the enemy and he is certain that she has the answers and can lead him to Vadim. Unfortunately, Sophie has no memory of what happened. She came to Italy for a vacation with no idea she would be used as a decoy. Sophie’s world is turned upside down after she is targeted. She explains to Jack she cannot recall any of the events after he continues to press her. After the doctor assures she has amnesia then her life is threatened, Jack decides Sophie needs protection. She is an exotic beauty and he is not interested in any woman, only thinking of his profession but Sophie has a way to cause his flesh to turn weak and toasty all over. As Sophie fights to regain her memory, Jack makes her his number one priority and as time races before them, a sensual love stirs between them. But the killer has other plans and they do not include a happy ending for the couple.

Deadly Memories is one exciting roller coaster ride. Sophie’s character is bright, enduring and most believable. Jack has charisma and even though he suffers his own loss that has penetrated into a burning hate for revenge, he still carries buried emotions after linked with Sophie. Together their passion blossoms beautifully and that first kiss is loaded with crackling fizz. Susan Vaughan spins intensity and an adrenalin rush action tale loaded in secrets, betrayal, lies and a perfect seasoning of romance. She pens some enjoyable characters, along with some ignominious villains that make this book top-notch. Deadly Memories left a lasting impression with this reader.

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