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ISBN: 0-9793327-2-0 / ISBN 10: 0-9793327-2-9 / ISBN 13: 978-0-9793327-2-2 September 30, 2007
Vintage Romance Publishing
PO Box 1165, Ladson, SC 29456-1165
Trade Paperback
288 Pages
Era Mystery Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Thomas Trask is a detective for the Los Angeles police department. His last case gave him the opportunity to meet one very hot little librarian. He prides himself on determining a person’s true nature just by knowing their initials, and hers are H.O.T. With his initials being T.N.T., he is sure they will have one very exciting relationship.

Hortense Olivia Tully is a librarian in the children’s section at the Los Angeles Public Library. She lives with her aunt, and leads a very quiet life. Reading gives her the excitement and adventure that she has never had in her real life. That is until she meets Detective Trask.

Tom meets Olivia at the library steps while investigating the death of a local doctor. She catches his eye right away, and he knows that she is very special, not the usual dames that go for gumshoes like him. Olivia is just as enamored with Tom. He is exciting and a bit dangerous, nothing like the boring, ordinary men that she has always associated with. However the excitement and adventure become much more than she bargained for when a criminal takes a personal interest in her. She is terrified that she has a stalker, but at the same time she feels the thrill of excitement helping Tom with his investigation. Her knowledge on poetry led Tom to the doctor’s killer, and now she hopes to do the same. However this time the stakes are much higher. Tom is torn between protecting his uncle and his fiancée, knowing that both of them can get into a heap of trouble without even trying. Unfortunately that is exactly what happens. Olivia feels responsible that the police interrogated the wrong man, and decides that she needs to make amends. This leads her and her best friend right into the line of fire. Tom is racing to save his uncle, and then has to do the same for Olivia. His heart is rendered in two with just the thought of Olivia getting hurt. His love for her is the only thing holding him together; imagining life without her is unfathomable.

This 1940’s era mystery is kitschy and entertaining. The colloquialisms are fun to read, and really bring out the personalities of the characters. Olivia is a sweet and gentle soul, but with a lively personality. Tom is the consummate bachelor, fun loving and hard working. But Olivia gives him a whole new perspective. They are perfectly suited as the hero and the damsel in distress. Although they may be a bit too cookie-cutter, they are cute together. The mystery and intrigue are well developed, and the romance sweet and tender. This is a fun read for any age.

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