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ISBN# (10)0-7582-1180-5/(13)978-0-7582-1180-4
December 2007
Brava Books (Kensington)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
336 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alan Hyatt is so good at his job that he can practically do it with his eyes closed. When he goes undercover and rents a room from a sizzling landlady, he must remind himself he is there to rent a room not go to bed with her.

Jillian Carlyle is an actress who rents a room to Alan. As a landlady, one of her rules is never date a renter. She hads no idea her new boarder, the handsome Alan, will open up feelings deep inside her that are dying to get out.

Alan has been with the FBI for almost a decade. Now he has been recruited for a project. The Goddard Project was formed to oversee civilian technological development and make sure it did not end up in the wrong hands. At thirty-four, he is excited about this project. He goes undercover to investigate a case of high-tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry, to see if perhaps someone is selling pirated technology. He has studied Jillian’s file. He needs a room, she needs a boarder. Going undercover as a reporter, he can scrutinize his mission. He was only there for a room, never realizing she would send flames all through him with just the look. Jillian left home at seventeen to pursue an acting career. Presently she is not in any long-term relationship, even though she dates often. She refuses to give her heart to any man, then he walks into her life. The minute Alan breezes into the room, her side-kick friend, Gavin, who is a consummate flirt, thinks he is yummy, even though Alan is a straight guy. Jillian rents Alan the room but finds herself, many times, panting when he watches her. Each time they run into each other, it is evident this is one guy she may never get out of her system. When the truth is revealed, it is up to Jillian to see if she can really trust Alan for what he is.

Deal With This is a motivating read. I loved the character of Alan. He is smooth, suave and sophisticated in every way, the perfect cuddly bear there to protect, serve and love with all his heart. Jillian is strong in all her actions and I like her style. Gavin, the side kick, is a great addition to this book; I loved the way he interacts with the characters. Lucy Monroe pens a great tale that keeps the reader thoroughly entertained. The well-rounded secondary characters add some seasoning of intrigue and excitement. She instills enticing characters and dialogue that makes this story quite engaging. I look forward to reading more of the Goddard Project Series.

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