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ISBN# 0-978-59269-670-0
February 2007
Amber Quill Press
62 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dane was a product of the foster care system and felt she was definitely not good enough for John Stratton, so she ran away while she still could. Now she is all grown up with a college degree, a career, and a home, and she is still in love with John.

John never really understood why Dane ran away from him and he never got over her. Now she is back for their ten year reunion, and he is determined to get her to tell him what went wrong.

When Dane comes home for her ten year reunion, she is determined to face the demons that made her run away from Pittsburgh and the love of her life. She finds that her feelings have not changed, but she still may not be able to find happiness with the one love of her life. Dane and John were rebellious youths in high school; one because she felt she did not fit in and the other because he was trying to get the attention of his family. John had no idea why they were forced apart and Dane just disappeared for ten years.

This is a story full of misunderstandings and misdirection done so well that you will keep reading to find out what really happened to the two of them, as well as to enjoy a really good story. It would have been nice, but not necessary, to have a little more of Dane’s background. The other characters are just as real and likeable as Dane and John, making this a story that I will definitely be reading again.

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