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ISBN #: Unavailable
April 2007
Star Dust Press
81 Pages
Mythology / Paranormal / Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Rianna is a nurse in a Texas nursing home. She has a talent for picking losers to have relationships with, but more importantly, she just saw a man in a white suit kill one of her patients. One problem; no one else saw him and no one believes that he was there.

Thantos is also known as the Grim Reaper. He and his partner Calypso, the Angel of Death, are not supposed to be seen by humans, especially beautiful female humans.

When a young female human is kidnapped by Demetrious the demon, Thantos is sent into Hell to rescue her. The Three Fates created her to be his mate not the consort of an evil fallen angel. She is also not really human, but does not know that.

I really loved the way the author mixed Greek mythology with Christian characters. The Three Fates exist right along with the angels Michael and Gabriel, and it works really well. Rianna and Thantos are both likable characters with a lot of sexual chemistry. I loved Thantos’ relationship with the Fates. Rianna’s abduction adds a bit of suspense to the tale. The love scenes are very erotic and well written and the author’s descriptions of the three worlds make it very easy to put yourself in the picture. This story is a great deal of fun to read and very hard to put down.

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