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ISBN#: 978-1-934678-62-2
April 2008
Tease Publishing
88 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Shape Shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Shay McCormick is a veterinarian who works with big cats at a wildlife refuge. She has a near death experience and meets a man/jaguar who sends her back.

Gabriel Cruzado is a famous artist and a nagual, a werejaguar who guides the spirits of the dead and dying to where they need to go. One night he sends a young woman back to the living and she does not fear him in either form.

Gabriel Cruzado is in crisis. He is about to go into his mating cycle and the woman who agreed to be his mate has changed her mind, his brothers kidnap someone to take her place, but he will not have someone unwilling. In the meantime, someone is kidnapping and torturing weres, before either killing them or making them kill each other. He puts the films on the internet. Gabriel and his brothers must stop this madman as well.

The Cruzado brothers are not your typical weres, particularly Gabriel and Lucas; one is an artist, the other a surfer. Demetrius is a very alpha type attorney. I liked the sequences on the dream plane and the subplot where weres are being kidnapped and killed. Gabriel is a bit too noble for his own good and Shay is the perfect soul mate for him as his brothers deducted. Bly is a bit of a surprise and the ending is very exciting. This is a very well crafted and entertaining story.

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