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ISBN# 1897261926
December 2006
Champagne Books
171 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Nic never expected to see Jake again. Her late husband’s best friend kissed her once and it was unforgettable, even after the hell that her marriage became. Nic supported her husband Mark through his depression, giving up a brilliant dancing career, but it was not enough. Nic gave up a great deal for Mark, and in the end he was unable to overcome his illness. Jake is of a similar stamp and Nic does not want him to give up the life he loves.

Jake survived a hell of his own. On assignment as an investigative reporter, he and his crew were captured by rebels. After his escape, he followed up on a letter from Mark and went to visit him, only to find that he died in a car wreck months before. He left behind the woman Jake has never been able to forget. Jake is really in love for the first time, and it terrifies him. Nic has a brilliant career ahead of her and he would love her to give it up, but does not force the issue.

A widow and a war battered reporter find love, only to separate for the sake of their careers. To be together each must give up more than either is willing to give; one because she has already done this before, and the other due to fear of commitment.

This is not always a happy romance. Jake is more than a little selfish in this relationship and in the end Nic really does all the bending. The characters are strong and well developed, and the setting is vividly described. The author is able to enter both the dancer’s and news reporter’s world. The author’s descriptions and well thought out plot line make this an enjoyable read.

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