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ISBN# 978-1-934678-17-6
September 15th 2007
Tease Publishing
PO Box 234, Swansboro, North Carolina 28584-0234
E-Book and Paperback
208 Pages
Shifter/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bryn Case is a dive instructor at Terrestrial Grand Resort. After her diving is completed, she is greeted by a flurry of men desiring to buy her a drink but only one catches her eye.

Kael is a treasure hunter. He hates demons since they wiped out his whole race, leaving him the only water elemental left in existence.

Bryn is a demon and pretty good at defending herself until she meets Kael, who is sexy, dashing, handsome and good on the eyes. She has no idea what he really is, but he is nothing like Mick Carrington who left her. Mick considered her stupid, but not Kael, who is a great protector. Kael is a Water elemental dragon, and tells Bryn he is independently wealthy. He pays for her services to learn to dive and takes her to his boat, the Morningstar, where they learn about each other. Kael has no idea why he wishes to hang around Bryn. He should hate her for being a demon but she makes him hot all over. She becomes his little ice demon that responds electrically to his touch. After leaving her job to go with him and his family, danger threatens as Mick re-enters the picture. Kael must save his soul mate, the woman he has fallen in love with, or lose her forever.

Deep Water is a story that depicts lovely characters and imaginable scenery that transports the reader into the exquisite resort and ocean waters. Bryn is an interesting person, as well as Kael. Their heated chemistry kicks off magically creating beautiful music. I enjoyed their engaging dialogue. Stella and Audra Price craft an enchanting read not only with stirring romance but some intrigue along the way in a fantastic world that phenomenally comes alive.

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