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ISBN# 9781419912962
September 2007
Ellora’s Cave
127 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Ava is part Angel and part Valkyrie and is charged with protecting her friends and the innocent. She knows that her true mate is out there; if she survives the demons, vampire hosts, and Lucifer and his son.

Donatus is constantly trying to overcome his demon side. One night he is summoned to the bed of a beautiful woman who he binds to him. He thinks it is all a dream.

The forces of good and evil are constantly at war. Ava was born to be on the side of good. Donatus and his friends the Lost Warriors left the evil side and now fight for good.

Ms. Roth has created a world where supernatural live in the real world without the knowledge of humans. It seems so real that the reader will have no problem putting herself in the story, and the plot is full of conflict and excitement. The main characters are wonderful and you will love their roller coaster romance. Ava is a powerful being who appears to be a petite and beautiful human, even to Donatus and his friends. Ava thinks Don is human, despite evidence to the contrary and her protective instincts are in overdrive. Tricked into finding each other again their love scenes are truly scorching. Neither one of them is sure who or what the other is though the reader is given hints about their relationship in the past. The other characters are wonderful, especially Kal and Gun. Ava’s friends are equally colorful especially Chloe. Since this author is always on my autobuy list I am happy to see all kinds of potential for sequels, the other Warriors, Arik, and even Lucifer’s son need mates too. The exciting plot, hot love scenes and strong yet sensitive characters make this book a must read.

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