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March 2008
Forbidden Publishing
169 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Allison (Ally) Sawyer is in her third year of college; and has been having some very bad dreams. Nightmares that Ally has been writing down in a journal, to help remember. Ally has been seeing a psychiatrist since the dreams seem so real and becoming a problem for Ally. But even the psychiatrist is not helping. When Ally gets a call to come home, her dad is seriously ill, Ally heads home with hopes of helping her mom and dad and getting some rest without dreams.

Daemon regrets what has put him into purgatory. But he still has his one ray of light and that is Ally. Daemon and Ally have been connected for centuries, and each life, Ally would always die before she would come to him. Now Daemon has another chance, but he knows he will have to be patient or he will lose her again.

As Ally comes to terms with her father’s illness, she is also experiencing different kind of dreams not bad as the others were but different. Then Daemon gets Ally to come to him, and while Ally tries to figure Daemon out, she is also being pursued by another man Greg from school. Between both men, Ally is totally confused and although she is pulled towards Daemon, she knows he is a demon but there is something about him she really cares about. But there is more evil and danger around Ally than she can begin to understand, and there is only one who can help her. Will Ally choose the right man?

This is an extremely thrilling tale that will send chills down your spine. Exceptionally written, you will be ensnared from the beginning and clutching the edge of your seat by the end. Interesting characters and a descriptive dialog are the yarn that makes up this tapestry, while the intriguing plot and romance create the final ties. This is absolutely the best read for that chilly night.

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