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ISBN# 978-1-4357-1165-5
March 1, 2008
Lulu Press Inc.
860 Aviation Parkway, Ste 300, Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
Trade Paperback and E-Book
$19.95 Trade Paperback /$6.25 E-book
327 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Derek Burnes loves female meals, as well as the scent of an excited woman. More importantly he loves being a vampire. He can change his appearance and travel through air, not to mention hear conversations but there is only one female he desires.

Emily lost her mother when she was very young, now at the age of twenty-four, she learns her father is dying of cancer. He puts everything in her name regretting that she had yet to marry. After Derek enters her family gift shop, she finds a dear companion.

Derek is still in the learning stages of his capabilities as a vampire. As one who loves to collect unique items, he enters Emily’s shop to make a purchase. He informs her that he has purchased a home near the ocean and is a new resident of Bar Harbor, Maine. She is thrilled that he will be a frequent shopper. Derek holds a secret he has yet to share with Emily. He needs her by his side, to have power over his adversary. He uses all his charm to entice her. Emily finds Derek a good confidant and is able to confide in him about her ill father. Neither knows the evil that lurks around the corner, that even his guards may not be able to protect either one of them.

Derek is a very interesting read. It kept me entertained with the delightful characters of Derek and Emily. I love the interaction between the two, as well as the bond Emily shares with her father. The story flows at a good pace that I found myself just reading never wishing to pause. Renee Larson pens a romance story with twists and turns, and passion that captivates beyond words. She sketches realistic players and crafts a page-turner that hooks the audience.

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