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ISBN# 978141994348
January 2008
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
141 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Hallie Clearwater is on a mission, one that includes freeing and collaborating with a convicted murderer. Her physical enhancements may make her stronger than any pure human, but they cannot protect her heart.

Daniel Highcliff has spent the last year of his life in a deep dark hole. His freedom is now contingent on working with a CHIP. She quickly becomes much more than a means to an end, if he is strong enough to accept her help.

Hallie is determined to complete her mission no matter the cost. She frees Daniel with the express purpose of using him to get into the PHF (Pure Human Faction). Her plan takes a turn when she finds herself more than just a little attracted to Daniel. Despite his gaunt appearance, she sees the man for whom and what he truly is. Daniel is little more than a shell of his former self, but with Hallie by his side anything becomes possible. Their instant physical connection is as passionate as their need to see justice done. But will it be enough to stop a traitor?

Passionate, sexy, and headstrong certainly describes the main characters in this story. Hallie is an enhanced human, but her greatest strength is her devotion and loyalty to her family. While Daniel’s physical being is severely compromised, his heart is strong enough for both him and Hallie. They compliment each other strengths and weaknesses with ferocity. The love scenes are as hot and sultry as the tropical surroundings, and the action is top notch. Ms. Madison has a new fan; I cannot wait to read more!

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