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ISBN# 978-1-890785-09-3
June 1, 2007
Shadow Rose Publishing
296 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jane Olafson knew men. She knew what she liked and what she did not. What she liked was tall, dark, and handsome. Her new neighbor fit that description perfectly.

Nick Devilin was not exactly who or what he seemed. On the outside he was every woman’s fantasy. On the inside he was everyone’s worst nightmare.

Jane had always known that she was beautiful and smart. She worked hard and played harder. So when Nick offered her the opportunity of a lifetime she took it. She knew that there was something seriously wrong with him, but every time he touched her she melted. It was like her brain shut off and her body turned on. Nick did not want to posses Jane’s soul, but he did want to enjoy her body. She was the closest he had come to real feelings in a very very long time. He gave himself 14 days to pamper and fulfill Jane’s wildest dreams before he had to execute the contract with her ex-boyfriend. After that he would make sure her future would be secure with a man who would keep her safe and out of trouble.

This book was very much like a dream. It was bizarre, spooky, and sexy all rolled into one. Jane was almost incoherent with her thoughts and actions, very much like an addict. Only her addiction was Nick. Nick was a true Satan. A complete dichotomy of feelings and actions. Believing that he had compassion for Jane was probably the hardest part of the story to believe, but it also made it the most interesting. This story was strange and intriguing, and almost makes you feel sorry for the fallen angel.

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