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ISBN# 1-933563-06-1
October 2007
Siren Publishing
497 Pages
Western / Ménage à Trois
Rating: 4 Cups

Devin Spawn knows no fear. For three years he has stayed away from civilization. Now returning home, his father asks him to protect his beautiful young widow but Devin wonders who will protect him from her.

Megan Spawn intends on staying faithful to her husband, Reed, while he is living. Of course when he dies, it appears she may have to once again work for Madame Jazelle, but not if Devin has his say.

Devin is on his way to see his father until he sees Megan. Bewitched by her beauty, and the fact it has been a while since he has been with a woman, he wants her. After Megan’s swim, she cannot find her dress. Instead a rugged man is holding it, and will return it for a kiss. He does not frighten her but rather she is frightened by the way her body responds when she looks upon him. Megan learns Devin is her stepson. Devin intends on taking over when Reed passes on, but someone else plans on accepting that chore, not to mention Madam Jazelle who believes Megan resorts back to hers again once Reed is dead. Devin intends on being the winner.

The Devils Pact is hot and erotic with a plot that lures in the reader. Devin is unique and quite an enigma. I liked the way he and Megan interact with each other. Just one glance from the other and one can practically see the steam rise from the pages. The secondary characters added just enough elements to the pot to make the story even more interesting. Samantha Cruise really knows how to make the Wild West come alive in this action-packed yarn, where no one really has a dull moment and the romance is never stale.

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