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ISBN#: 978-0-9782744-1-2
November 2007
Breathless Press
Trade Paperback/E-book
188 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie has something to prove to both herself and her late grandfather. The condition on her inheritance is that she makes something of herself, so she picks a spot on the map and decides to make her home and start a new business in Passion.

Thomas was a famous painter. When his mother became ill, she wanted to live in a quiet place, so they picked Passion. Now she is gone and he no longer has the urge to paint. He does not need the money, but he works as a contractor.

A woman in search of a new life and a man hiding from his old one meet and fall in love in the town of Passion. A murder from the past haunts Cassie’s new home and she is determined to see justice done, but the ghosts might not be able to protect her from the very much alive murderers.

This is a pretty engrossing tale. Cassie is not the voluptuous blonde bimbo she portrays, though she does like playing with the local male population. She has her sights set on Thomas from the beginning. Thomas has been unable to paint since his mother’s death and is suddenly inspired by the bombshell next door and is quickly caught up in her life and her haunted house. The ghost story is pretty good also, leading to a very exciting conclusion. The plot and dialogue are very well done and the setting, a small town named Passion is aptly named. I really liked Thomas’ friend Victor and look forward to reading his story.

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