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ISBN#: 9780419916915
June 2008
Ellora’s Cave
131 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ava writes an advice column about relationships. The Diva was successful, but her marriage was not. Her husband dumped her for a younger model and now she is going to her parents’ cabin to lick her wounds.

Devlin was once part of a pack of werewolves in Yellowstone Park. When the new pack leader took over, she wanted Devlin for her mate, but he will not be subservient to anyone, so he left.

When Ava runs away from Manhattan to her late parents’ vacation cabin in Upstate New York after her divorce, she finds the cabin occupied by a tall, sexy, naked man and his pet wolf. He has a lease from her sneaky ex, so she cannot kick him out and she has nowhere else to go.

This story is an appealing combination of sexy romance and suspense. Ava is a very likable character; a not-so-young woman who has to reinvent herself after a devastating divorce. She has been married to a controlling man for the past twenty-one years and he has dumped her, expecting her to have nothing but a cabin that he secretly rented out. She surprises him with a secret and very successful writing career. She has depths that he never bothered to learn about. Devlin does not fit into his former life either. Both he and his older brother are alpha males and cannot submit to the pack leader Cheyenne, though Nic is in love with the slightly psychotic female wolf. Cheyenne wants Devlin, which leads to a really well written conflict. I loved the author’s characters and the setting is perfect for a lone wolf. The love scenes are inspired and had me turning up the a/c.

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