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ISBN# 1-4241-3914-7
April 16, 2007
Publish America, LLLP
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
243 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Isobel and Jacob Kadeer, with their son, Edward, are excited to be moving into a country home. It means he will have to commute from Orange Stream Farm to London, only spending the weekends with his family, but they will make up any missed time apart. But something does not sit right as things begin to become distorted in Isobel’s mind.

Isobel and Jacob love their new home. With Jacob under strain, after taking over his father’s export business; Isobel feels this new move will help ease some pressure. Isobel is glad when Rita, a neighbor, arrives bearing homemade goodies. Rita never cared for the previous owners, Olivia and Graham Pearson. She found Olivia turning into an alcoholic, probably from Graham’s philandering ways. Rita finds warmth in Isobel’s eyes and believes the new family will chase away the shadows.

In time, Isobel’s mind jumbles and she has trouble focusing as dreams plague her sleep, and her waking. Olivia finds Isobel an attractive woman and is afraid Graham will become smitten with her too. The more time Isobel spends with Rita, the dreams continue and are hard to decipher. Friday nights become routine for Jacob when he arrives home after a week of work, make love, eat and then crash on the sofa. Her marriage feels like it is gradually being emptied. When Isobel visits a local boutique, she strikes up a small acquaintance with the owner, Adam. At a party, and she and Adam share a dance, it leads to more for Adam. He confesses his love for her which confuses her real love for Jacob. The dreams continue to pursue Isobel. After meeting Belle, who is like her spiritual guide to help her understand things, Isobel still has difficulty connecting any meaning. Adam wants her in his life. He realizes it will be hard for her to end her marriage but he is willing to offer much love and support even if it could mean drastic results for Isobel.

Diversion of the Soul is a story that carries the reader into the hearts of a colorful cast of characters. The reader is caught up in the storyline of each different trait surrounding Isobel and Jacob, leaving them on the edge wondering just what will Isobel do with the dreams that continue to haunt her. The times she spends with Adam, shows a softer side to her but one not sure of her future. Dawn Rowe creates a leisurely afternoon read that transports the reader into lovely scenery, and an ambience that captivates. With a touch of mystery and romance, she spins a delightful read with characters that are hard to forget.

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