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ISBN 1-53316-142-4
LTD Books
146 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Gloria Trevisi is an editor/reporter for a small newspaper in rural Canada.  She is newly married, but her husband Tony is a concert violinist on tour more than he is home.  His arrival for the Christmas season coincides with a mysterious rabies outbreak, murder and mayhem.  In between rabies shots and marital sabotage from her mother-in-law, Gloria tries to solve the crime.

Tony Lambert is finally home after a long concert tour only to find that his wife’s life and career are in complete turmoil.  To add to the trouble, his mother is encouraging an ex- girlfriend to follow him around.  He tries to convince her that he is not available, and hopes that his wife will survive the holiday season.

Rabid animals, murder, and dog fighting plague a small town in rural Canada for the holidays.  Gloria Trevisi is struggling for the survival of her job, her marriage, and her own life.  Skeletons from the past seem to haunt everyone, and no one knows who the next victim will be.

This is an excellent holiday mystery.  It does have a few gory scenes, and they really add to the story.  The author leads the reader on an exciting chase for a particularly inventive murderer, and handles Gloria and Tony’s marital struggles with flair.  This is a great holiday read.

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