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ISBN # 1-59836-076-0
July 2005
Venus Press
131 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

After losing his wife of thirty years to cancer, Sean decides to pack up her things hoping it will help him get over her death. When he discovers a notebook and the contents, he wonders did he really know his beloved Grace? He needs to clear her name. Later when he meets Millie, they find themselves being shot at and chased after two goons drop off a package containing drugs. Can he and Minnie find out the truth to the mysterious notebook before it is too late?

When Minnie just happens to spy Sean talking to himself, she joins him for a free breakfast. She has no idea of the hair-rising tour she will be on once she accompanies him. After being shot at and chased, she cannot leave him now. After all Sean just killed a man with a toaster. She is sure he will be charged for that, and she was right in the center of everything.

This was another incredible story by Emy Naso. Parts of this story touched home in many ways that I could feel what was going on in Sean’s heart. Everything he saw after Grace was gone reminded him so much of the times they had shared; I could feel all of it grow inside my heart, right along with Sean. Reading about Sean and Minnie’s chase in different states was fast paced and kept you right there in all the action.

Emy Naso has a way of writing sharp stories that give you thought and make you want to read more of them. I will miss his writings, but knowing that he left us with many stories to read over and over, his words will live on for every generation to read. Emy Naso was a gifted writer.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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