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ISBN# (10) 0-451-22170-2/(13) 978-0-451-22170-4
July 2007
Signet Eclipse/Penguin Group (USA)
352 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Eva LeRoy is the librarian for Broken Heart, OK; a town that is populated mostly by vampires who have been taken over by the Consortium, the main governing body for vampires. Eva was accidentally killed by Lorcan O’Halloran, an ancient vampire, when he was ill with the Taint which makes vampires go crazy. Fortunately, Lorcan was cured, but not before all the people he attacked were killed and had to be turned into vampires in order to save them. So now single mom Eva is adjusting to life as a vampire while raising her teenage daughter Tamara. She sees Lorcan occasionally, and in spite of the fact that he killed her, she still thinks he is hot!

Lorcan O’Halloran is a four-thousand-year-old vampire who also happens to have a conscience. Even though he was not in control of his actions while he had the Taint, he feels horribly guilty for having killed Eva and the other single parents he attacked. He cares deeply for Eva and wants her forgiveness for what he did.

When Eva befriends a wolf, which she finds unusual since there really are not any wolves in Oklahoma unless they are the lycanthrope variety, she does not tell anyone about him at first. When he seems to disappear, Eva fears for him and goes to find him. This leads to her coming into contact with mutant vampire/lycanthropes, an older female vampire who is truly evil, and a sinister plot to destroy the town. This forces Lorcan and Eva together. Lorcan wants nothing more than to protect and care for Eva, but when bad things keep happening to her, he feels even more guilty. Will Lorcan be able to overcome his feelings of guilt so he and Eva can be together? Will Eva and the town survive an evil that may be greater than any the young newly turned vampires have faced before?

Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire is at times extremely funny, but it also has a dark gothic side which I found to be truly enjoyable. I got an absolute kick out of how Eva and her daughter Tamara played with words, and I even learned a few new words myself! Lorcan, as the tortured guilt ridden hero, is fantastic and very realistic. I could easily feel the weight of his years, which cannot be an easy thing to portray for an author. I loved reading about Eva’s gift with animals and how she was able to mentally communicate with them, and in doing so help those animals that needed her. While there is not a lot of sex in this book, I felt what was there was just the right amount, and Ms. Bardsley drew out the romantic tension perfectly. This book is a keeper and I will definitely be purchasing more of this author’s books in the very near future!

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