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ISBN #978-1-60394-121-1
December 13, 2007
New Concepts Publishing
71 pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Freya Kirkland was on the rebel side during the last Great War on Earth, but her side lost. Her uncle was thrown into debtor’s prison, and Frey took the only job she could find. As a formal rebel, she was only qualified to be a tour guide. But during a tour on the colony Willowbane, she was kidnapped by a Gaian, who claimed her as his mate.

Aries D’Halen is the Crown Prince, son of the Empress of Gaia. After studying the Earth Women, he chose Freya Kirkland for his future wife. He is planning on attacking Earth for the atrocities committed on his people.

Years before, the armies of Earth came to Gaia and used chemical warfare to sterilize all of the Gaian women of child-bearing years. The young Gaian women fled to Earth. In order to save their race, the Gaian men used doorways to Earth to claim women to be their mates and breeders. Freya battled against becoming Aries’ mate until treachery and traitors from all sides were made known to Freya and Aries.

The main characters are likeable and believable. The rooting factor for Freya and Aries is there and their chemistry will have you reaching for a cold drink. Aries is a hero that a woman would give up everything for. The pages are filled with action and excitement. The enemies who betray Freya and Aries put the vile in villain, considering their connections. I enjoyed every moment of this roller coaster ride of a story.

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