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ISBN# E-Book-978-1-59426-367-5/Trade Paperback-978-1-59426-368-2
January 2008
Mundania Books
6470A Glenway Ave, #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211
E-Book/Trade paperback
256 Pages
Romantic Comedy Novella Duo
Rating: 4 cups

The Chance You Take

Meg Taylor does not drink gamble or take chances. Her brief marriage taught her that risk taking leads to disaster. Too bad her mother and three year old daughter have the opposite attitude.

Brad Kendall once thought that he had a family of his own, but that dream is gone along with a portion of his hearing. Now his Aunt Milly is determined to fix him up with her friend’s daughter and how can he turn down the wonderful woman who practically raised him?

A wary single mother meets the man of her dreams and is determined to use any excuse to push him away. Meg and Brad have been sorely disappointed by love in the past and are afraid to take a chance on love again. But a crazy mother, charming toddler, and hulking security guard are determined to get them together.

This is a really heartwarming novella about two people afraid to take a chance on love. Both Meg and Brad are very sympathetic characters and Steffi and Birdie steal the story as does Patsy the security guard. Brad’s sensitivity over his hearing loss and Meg’s fear of taking chances adds tension that is eventually overcome.

Kings Gold

Penny Miller is a former street kid turned security consultant. When called by her father figure Patsy to help out, she is on the first plane to Reno.

Rich Needlemeister is the spoiled son of the owner of Kings Ransom Casino. When he returns home instead of being greeted like the prodigal son, he is told he has to learn the business from the bottom up.

Penny and Rich both have good reasons for hiding their identities and wanting to protect the Kings Ransom Casino. Someone is stealing large amounts of money from the casino. They also each think the other is up to something and will enjoy finding out what that is.

I really enjoyed this story. Rich and Penny are great characters who find their soul mate in each other with the assistance of our old friend Patsy the security guard. Patsy also finds a love interest in the daughter of a would-be card shark. The casino setting and the characters make this story very enjoyable.

I liked the combination of these two stories based in the gambling towns of Atlantic City and Reno. Patsy also ties them together. They are both well written and heart warming love stories despite the setting. This author has created some very memorable characters and two very good plots to go with them.

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