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ISBN# (10): 0-7582-2872-4/ (13): 978-0-7582-2872-7
November 2008
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Western Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Wearing His Band

Lyssa McDonough knows everything about Brandon spells one thing, heartbreaker. He loves to rub her nose in any mistakes she makes. When she gets tangled in some barb wire, and he comes to her rescue, she is certain she will not live it down.

Brandon Tynan has a growing attraction for Lyssa, but he does what it takes to keep his feelings at bay, even if he has to use anger. He would do anything to be able to pull her close and hold her, but she is his best friend’s sister.

Lyssa sometimes does not use wiles to get the man she chooses, but the more time she spends around Brand, she is convinced she may have to try a different approach. Why does he have to see her as just a little sister? She feels Brand will never be the marrying kind since his mother ran off with a younger man distressing his father. Fun games and sexual passion is all that he seeks anymore in a woman. Lyssa is a hardheaded redhead, with a mean streak a mile long, but Brand has wanted her for the longest. Every time they are in close proximity, it is like a blazing inferno. Lyssa grows tired of playing games with the man she loves and when she sets out to capture him, body and soul, Brand must make a choice to give in to her or turn away from her forever.

Wearing His Band heats the minute Lyssa and Brand connect. No matter how hard they push the other away, it only makes them want each other more. The banter between the two is fiery. Delilah Devlin creates a rugged cowboy and an independent head-strong heroine who knows how to get a fire started. This electric read will keep one glued.

Slow Ride

Maggie McDermott finds it hard to keep the ranch up since her husband’s death. Everything is in need of repairs and the local banks do not wish to help, but rather insure her higher interest rates. Then there is Danny, who is no longer a teenager, and when he offers help, buried hormones begin raging.

Daniel Tynan feels he has met destiny head on when he gets the chance to be with Maggie. He learned much from her husband, Douglas, but Danny never let on he was lusting after Douglas’ wife. That was seven years ago, that Douglas had taught him the ropes, but he never has forgotten anything about lovely Maggie.

Maggie realizes the ranch is not doing well since her husband’s death. Even the drought added more woes for her to worry over. It was heartbreaking losing her husband then fearing she might lose the ranch, too. Douglas put so much pride into his work. Ever since Danny first started helping on Maggie’s ranch he wanted her. Now seven years later, his desire for her has only grown. Maggie knows Danny is no longer the teenager she knew when he helped on the ranch. He is more mature. She sees him differently and yearns for him in a way she has never longed for any man but feels he is too young for her. When Maggie begins to feel shame for being with Danny, will she push him away or will they get over the age difference and seek a love to last forever?

I found Slow Ride to be a story that many women can relate to. Widows are often given the bad brunt of things, and Maggie is a believable character trying to understand the sudden change after a spouse dies. Not only does she go through a financial stage, she discovers, as a woman, she has needs. Danny only sees age as a number. His love for Maggie is real, and their love comes within the heart. I could share in the same sentiments that this couple endures in their relationship. Delilah Devlin creates a powerful story with emotions that can be felt and shared by the reader. Passion sizzles in this read.

Straight Up Soldier

Suki Reese is tired of men telling her how things will be. Deprived of sleep and tired of even the police officers keeping a watchful eye over her, she manages a way to escape and head to her cabin in the woods.

Mac McDonough is a full-bloodied man who aches for a woman. Laid up with a busted leg, he would rather be sitting at home drinking Jim Bean, but for a good friend, he promises to keep an eye on Suki. He never intended to become too attached to her.

Suki found the cabin much nicer than any safe house. She can relax for a little until the man who is after her finds her. He is connected with drug runners, and does not take kindly to rejection. Mac is there to watch over Suki. She wants no one keeping a guard over her. All she wishes is to get her life back on track and get the man who has destroyed her life. She wants no help from anyone. Mac pays no attention to her words, as he keeps a vigil eye on her. It seems they go head to head with each other over matters and before they realize what is happening, the sparks heat. Mac will do anything for Suki, and she feels the same toward Mac, but can they keep the past from catching up to her?

The story of Suki and Mac blazes. The conversation they share in Straight up Soldier is wonderfully done, and their connection with the other is spellbinding. Even though they are almost instantly drawn together, it is written in a way where nothing is hurried but keeps the story moving at a good pace. Ms. Devlin weaves two likeable people the audience will love. Even with the intrigue of a tinge of danger in the background, she crafts an interesting read.

Down in Texas has three incredible stories that practically leave the reader breathless. The invigorating characters have their own characteristics making each tale a breath of fresh air. Delilah Devlin adds charm, passion and hot romance in this well-written anthology that delivers. The love that ignites, within the pages, is often high-octane and explosive but the one I found most emotional and really touched upon me was that of Maggie and Danny in Slow Ride. I could connect with all the characters but these two had a sweet story that stands out the most for me in this delicious anthology that Ms. Devlin does so well.

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