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ISBN# (10) 1-934166-69-3 / (13) 978-1-934166-70-3
February 2007
Torquere Press
332 Pages
Fantasy/Sci. Fi.
Rating: 5 cups

Morgan Nash is an FBI agent who, just when he is about to be shot in a London Library, gets zapped back to the nineteenth century with a little help from a few would-be dabblers in magic. While Morgan notes his attraction to the man who brought him to the past; being the cop that he is, he cannot wait to return to his own time and finish his bust.

Ezra Glacenbie is fascinated and not a little attracted to this man from the future. However, Ezra has his own problems; chief among which are his engagement and his propensity for being able to see and speak to the dead.

When the book that contains the spell which brought Morgan to the past suddenly disappears, Morgan, Ezra, and his friends have more trouble on their hands. Between getting Morgan to look and act like a man of the time, Morgan and Ezra trying to fight their growing attraction, trying to find the missing book, and Morgan’s penchant for hunting down serial killers while dragging Ezra along for the ride, no one is quite certain what the final outcome is going to be.

Downtime is time-travel romance at its best, and a thrill-ride from beginning to end! Morgan’s reactions as a gay man from the twenty-first century had me roaring with laughter at times. Ezra’s very real dilemma of being both gay and a psychic in a world that often accepted neither was written realistically. The author does a beautiful job of bringing Morgan and Ezra together. Reading about how Morgan slowly realizes he loves Ezra is very entertaining. Mr. Allen makes the nineteenth century come alive in a way few authors are able to achieve.

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