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ISBN# (10): 1-4000-7251-4 / (13): 978-1-4000-7251-4
July 17, 2007
WaterBrook Press
12265 Oracle Boulevard, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921
$13.99 U.S./$17.99 Canada
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Bardon is an emerlindian knight whose services belong to Paladin. He is thrilled to be married to Kale, but wishes she would be more careful.

Kale Allerion is the o’rant wizard and Dragon keeper. She is now married to Bardon and is skilled in the art of warfare.

Since Bardon is now married to Kale, his desire is to protect his winsome creature. She wishes to go into the battered building but Bardon is against it. She has to find the treasure but he thinks it would be better if she stayed out. The building could collapse and there could be a survivor that would seek her harm once she entered. He tells her to fight the urgency. Then Bardon informs her that if she must go inside, use caution. Think first, then use a plan. She takes two of her dragons with her, and to her surprise, she returns with four dragon eggs. It is left up to Kale to hatch and train an army of dragons after finding the eggs but there is something much more that must be done. It has been three years since Kale and Bardon freed the Knights of Paladin but now things have turned sour as fiery dragons wreck havoc on their lovely countryside. The citizens of Amaran wish to be left alone. They have changed and there are only a few innocent ones left because of the devastation and destruction. Their ailing leader, Paladin, is dying so he will not be able to even help lead any left into battle. Kale and Bardon struggle to try to stop the Evil one before it is too late while trying to save their family and friends.

Dragon Fire is one adventure this reader will not soon forget. The magical fantasy that lies within the pages is fabulous. Donita K. Paul depicts such a scenery, so brilliantly created, I often felt in the center of the action and the beauty. There were moments I could almost feel the breeze of the fiery dragons. The main characters are warm, likable and even a bit venerable. The secondary characters are colorful and season some punch to the action-packed tale. Ms. Paul has crafted an enchanting tale that skyrockets. She paints a story rich in detail, and leaves one feeling there is hope and blessings for anyone. This magnificent read is like a candle. Once it is lit, one never wants the wick to run out.

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