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ISBN#: 978-1-60394-213-3
August 2008
New Concepts
171 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dylan Lightfoot is their only hope to defeating the rebels. He does not like the fact a woman is sent to protect him. After seeing Grania in action, he finds she has incredible bravery and strength and just might be his destiny.

Grania Burns finds trying to protect the dragon shifter, Dylan, harder than what she imagined. He finds her too forward; she finds him a pain. Then again she is not there to condemn him but to protect.

The Royal Family sent them to protect the World but someone wishes Earth destroyed so they can have the monarchy. Grania must keep Dylan safe and make sure he sees the next hunter's moon and if she fails thousands could die. With the Kingdom of Dragonia in danger, Grania must locate a secure hideout for him. In the midst of the war, Grania and Dylan connect in a way bringing them closer together. She feels they are bad for each other, while he thinks otherwise. If they were to mate, he might not be able to stop the mating fire that will make Grania his forever. Will they be able to meet and become one, or will the ugly wars cause them to be lost forever?

Dragon's Heart is a delightful tale. The banter between Grania and Dylan is sharp, to the point, and carries some cute perks with it. Often times it moved at a great pace, like a tennis match. I fell headlong in love with the sparks of the players, and the developments between them and the secondary characters. The intense battles are life-like, creating an entertaining read, hard to let go in this surreal drama. Marly Mathews is a dynamic author who sketches fantasy and romance brilliantly with a read I found utterly pleasurable.

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