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ISBN# 1-55410-657-5
December 2005
eXstasy Books
163 pages
Alternate Lifestyles, Gay / Lesbian, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Eric is not your usual run of the mill guy. For starters, he is a homosexual. Not that people care, but when he tells them he is also a “ghostbuster”, they look at him like he needs a straight jacket. If that was not enough he has his own ghost named Max who seems to like to meddle in his affairs. About the only sane thing Eric seems to do is edit books; which is how he meets his favorite author Brandon Archer.

Brandon Archer is a nationally known writer who has become victim to Max’s forever meddling in Eric’s life. He is tired of writing for large editors and decides on a smaller venue, hoping to reclaim a top spot on the best seller list with his latest novel.

Eric happens to be the one to edit Brandon’s new book. Brandon is drawn to Eric and flirts shamelessly despite the constant interference by a jealous ghost. Brandon and Eric search for something in each other, hoping to find true love, except Max seems to pull prank after prank.

This was my first m/m book but this was written with such conviction and tenderness that Eric and Brandon could not love anyone else but each other. Each was truly made for the other. Dreaming of Brandon Archer is not just a love story; it also has another spectacular “ghost” story intertwined. I was hooked from the beginning all the way to the end.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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