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ISBN#: (13)978-1-60272-462-4/(13)978-1-60272-897-4
February 1, 2008
Amber Quill Press
PO Box 265, Indian Hills, CO 80454
438 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sean Madigan, a low beat reporter with the World, is trying to get the one story to get him recognized. When a rich entrepreneur is found dead, Sean believes this could be his opportunity.

Bridget Flanagan is an Irish girl working at one of Haversham’s sewing mills. Considered one of his best workers, where does this leave her in all the mayhem?

Sean has the chance for a major story after the murder of wealthy man, Marshal Haversham. He wants to prove to his editor that he has the makings of a good reporter. Taking a locket from the dead man’s hands, Sean does not alert the police he has the item. If he can figure out the killer before the police, there will be a bonus, as well as more stories to cover. He needs this if he wishes to marry Bridget and have a life with her. The locket is his start. Not long after he begins his leg work, others fall prey to the killer. When Bridget becomes an intended target, will Sean be able to save the joy of his life before it is too late?

I really enjoyed Dressed for Dying. I like how human Sean is portrayed in all his endeavors. He is not wishy-washy. When he thinks about Bridget and all the things he would like to give her, but his pay is just not enough to afford it, it makes him even more likeable. His love for her is genuine and this reader could tell how much he really cares, not only for Bridget, but people in general. Janet Quinn allows this reader to feel the intensity when Sean’s concerns for Bridget go into triple play. She creates real drama, and emotions in gigantic proportions, in this intriguing read that I found entertaining.

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