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ISBN # 1-59374-536-2
April 2006
Whiskey Creek Press
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Torrid Twisted Tales
Rating: 4 Cups

Rionna, Empress of her country, has invited one of the most talented dressmakers to create a new wardrobe for her. Full of vanity, she expects to have all eyes on her as she believes it is her due for being so beautiful. Mirrors with which she surrounds herself never lie.

Gustav Denairre, a renowned dressmaker from France, is summoned by Empress Rionna to create the most stunning of dresses for her to match what she believes is her most unparalleled beauty. What he crafts for her goes beyond the impressive and, in turn, delivers with the gowns a life lesson the Empress is in dire need of.

His contemptuous attitude toward the Empress sets her to a fine rage and a deep attraction to the designer. As he creates, she is treated to a hard lesson about truth and lies and vanity that stirs both to fruition. When his talents do more to strip down layers of self importance Rionna clads herself in, she is left with something more precious than a gown created of silk and diamonds.

This is a brilliant retelling of the old fable The Emperors New Clothes. The author paints a rich picture of vanity and self indulgence slowly peeled away with each subsequent ‘gown’ her dressmaker creates. As in the famous tale, this captures the same moral and does it in a lush setting with a unique twist at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this new slant on an old classic, adding a rather attractive and sensual element as the story passes. I highly recommend readers add this to their must read list.

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