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ISBN# 987-1-60504-037-0
June 2008
Samhain Publishing
215 pages
Romantic Sci-Fi-futuristic
Rating: 4 cups

Noisy Girl has been raised by the tribal natives of the far away planet of Denahault. The White Fur People only communicate in a complicated hand talk causing them to name the human child they adopted Noisy Girl. She travels with her mother for a month from their cave home near the ocean to the human city looking for the human’s ‘Fire Hair’ and ‘Long Nose’ who bridge the gap between the two races and may be able to help Noisy Girl to learn about her heritage.

Commander Jeff Anderson has been offered his dream job, captaincy of his own ship. With six months leave to consider the offer, all he has to do is agree and life will be perfect. When he arrives on Denahault for Trieka and Harrison's wedding, the last thing he is expecting is to meet someone who could make him question his choices.

Jeff enjoys learning to talk with his hands while he helps Noisy Girl learn English. When it becomes time to go home he invites her to journey with him to Earth. Noisy Girl whilst nervous about what she might find is happy to be spending more time with Jeff. She soon realizes however that she can’t live on the over populated, over polluted planet Earth. Jeff has taken the promotion so it seems her only choice is to return to Denahault.

A modern twist on the classic Tarzan story. A lot of these characters were introduced in the prequel Starchild and have been added to here. Noisy Girl starts as a shy young lady who develops into a strong person. Miss Knights has a clever way of leading a reader along without them realizing they have read the entire book. The use of only a complex form of sign language for the White Fur People is expertly written and gives the book an extra twist not often found.

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