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ISBN# (10)0758211856/(13)9780758211859
August 1, 2007
Brava Books (An Imprint of Kensington Publishing)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
400 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Olivia'Liv' Endicott has not forgotten the man that fueled her flesh with a steaming heat years ago. When someone burns down her bookstore, the man she has never forgotten appears in her life.

Sean McCloud cannot erase Liv from his memory. As much as he confesses she is out of his system, even his brothers feel he is in denial. When his brothers enlist his help on a case his paths again cross with Liv, and his heart melts even more.

Sean has recurring nightmares about his brother, Kevin. Neither he nor his other brothers have forgotten their brother’s death. Kevin had driven his truck off a cliff. Between dreams of his dead brother and the woman he let slip out of his fingers, Sean has much on his mind. Seth is working on a weird case with The Cave and he believes if his brother Sean works with him it will be a good diversion. The Cave is a covert FBI task force operation that Kevin had belonged to before his death. It appears in the last four months six cases have developed involving a predator out for math and science geeks. They turn up dead outside night clubs and it is baffling. Sean does not wish to participate in the bodyguarding for SafeGuard, Inc, the security company started by brothers, Seth and Davy. Sean informs him this case has nothing to do with SafeGuard, but is entirely different. After Liv receives threatening emails then her bookstore is destroyed, Sean enters her life. She has a boyfriend, Blair Madden, and does not need Sean who believes otherwise. He feels Blair is a venomous snake. Liv continues to postpone any wedding plans with Blair. Now that Sean has resurfaced, she seriously doubts there will be any marriage with Blair. The more Sean digs into the case, things concerning Kevin and his thesis paper, concerning sessions on his chemistry teaching with brain function or human cognition surface. After Liv is taken by the madman who is bent on destruction, Sean works against the clock to find her and expose the truth before it is too late.

Edge of Midnight harbors a colorful cast of characters along with brothers that really explode the pages. Each has their own traits that allow them to stand out and show their forte and resolve, especially when learning more about their brother’s death. Liv needs protection and support but fights off any help that Sean tries to offer. I love how she gives in to her vulnerability allowing her to show her human qualities. Even Sean and his brothers have a certain defenselessness about them making the storyline more realistic. Shannon McKenna has a way of writing that indulges the reader and takes them on an adrenaline rush for the truth. She generates sparks in this read that made this reader feel the emotions and depths of the characters. With a good villain, she creates a must-read that is hard to put down.

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