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ISBN# (10)1-4000-7384-7/(13)978-1-4000-7384-9
March 18, 2008
WaterBrook Press (Division of Random House)
12265 Oracle Blvd, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO80921
256 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Janner Igiby lives in a cottage above the cliffs on the Dark Sea of Darkness. He lives with his brother Tink, along with their sister Leeli, and Nugget, their trusty dog.

Podo Helmer has one leg and a wooden stump on the other. He never talks about how he lost it as a pirate in his younger days. He enjoys telling his grandchildren of his high adventures in the sea.

Janner and her siblings are known as gifted children. Even though Leeli is crippled, she manages to get around. They are lucky to be loved by an ex-pirate grandfather and a noble mother. They live in a plain cottage but one quite comfy. The Igiby family love to tell stories and sing in the garden, and even though things seem to go well for them, to be honest, they are miserable. It appears their days of hearing stories and watching their grandfather, Podo, blow smoke rings may be in jeopardy. The Fangs of Dang have crossed the dark sea and are set on finding the Igiby’s. They may look like humans, but instead have greenish scales on their bodies and lizard-like snouts. They seek to conquer. They need the Igiby’s because of the secret relating to jewels belonging to the High King Wingfeather. Certain they know about this legend with the jewels, the Fangs of Dang pursue the Igiby’s as the siblings try their best to use their gifts to keep their family safe.

I liked this story. It was easy going and the way it was crafted kept this reader turning the pages. The more I read it reminded me of the continuous tales of Lemony Snicket and with On the Edge of The Dark Sea of Darkness being a saga, there are more books on the way. The children are delightful and their adventurous journey only intrigues the reader more. Andrew Peterson gives each of the children their own trait that makes them special. Not only will children love this tale, but people all over will find it quite remarkable.

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