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ISBN# 1554109949 
July 18, 2007
eXtasy Books
250 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Silver Ainsley is a linguist and professor at Yale. She wants to decipher the Voynich Manuscript. She decides to “borrow” it and take it home with her over the weekend.

Quaede is a Sidhe warrior of the Seelie court. He is hunting the Elementum. He needs it back in order to stop the Unseelie from putting a horrific plan into motion.

When Silver takes the manuscript which also happens to be the Elementum, she unleashes a horrific series of events. Quaede is drawn to the manuscript and takes both Silver and it back to his world. But they have left behind her friend Jacy who is now a target of the Unseelie. The pair goes back for her, but not before she is attacked by the Unseelie. In order to save her friend, Silver has to trust Quaede. As they go on a quest to find the other items he needs to power a spell to stop the Unseelie’s plan, it is not long before Silver and Quaede are falling in love. However, Quaede does not want to love a human, and Silver feels his rejection keenly. Will Quaede realize what his true feelings for Silver are in time or will he lose her forever?

Elementum is a high caliber fantasy read! Ms. Meilleur takes the reader into the Seelie world with high intensity imagery. The world building is credible and well researched. I loved how the author drew the reader into the story with hints of things to come. Reading about how both Quaede and Silver learn to suspend their beliefs is comical at times. The lovemaking is intense and emotion laden. The plot is well thought out and imaginative. I for one cannot wait for Ms. Meilleur’s next book, and highly recommend Elementum. It is definitely a keeper!

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