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ISBN# 0-446-53254-1
August 2006
Warner Books Inc
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$26.99 U.S./$36.99 Canada
528 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

For six decades, the world has eagerly followed the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor. She is an extraordinary woman and the tabloids enjoy digging deep into her existence for everyone to know complete details about her. With all the passion and thrills that surround her, there are times her years read like a soap opera. Her list of marriages, along with her suicide attempts and countless illnesses, often being diagnosed as life threatening, the woman still continues to be an icon. She was the first celebrity to enter the Betty Ford Clinic because of alcohol and prescription drug addition.

The story of Elizabeth Taylor is most fascinating. Her incredible beauty and great talent landed her into many roles, even at a very young age, and gifted her with two Oscars. Yet there was a part of her days that were often wild, carefree, and agonizingly painful. With scandals and breakups of marriage, and separations of good friends, she is a figure that continues to make headlines, no matter what the situation. One being the story behind Eddie Fisher and how she was said to have stolen him from Debbie Reynolds. The other was her on and off again relationship with Richard Burton that seemed to last through the years, and brought on much publicity.

The book goes on to mention that even though Ms. Taylor lived a glamorous lifestyle, she was a good humanitarian. With the spread of AIDS, she was empathetic and encircled AIDS activism by beginning a foundation to try to fight this dreaded disease. Her characters inside these pages are an examination of a woman that has endured much, not only in happiness, but trying times. She loved life and had a great love for many men, but even in her eight marriages, many of them were not that loving and caused her psychological and physical abuse. Often when I read the parts where she was speaking with Mr. Burton, the pages seemed to breathe life.

J. Randy Taraborrelli has done an exceptional exploration on this biography in this intriguing page-turner. The curiosity surrounding stars will never cease when there is the big screen, but women like Elizabeth Taylor have a way that captures the wide screen and the audience. I have always found her an interesting woman and loved her movies. As a compassionate biographer, with heart, Mr. Taraborrelli captures the true essence of Ms. Taylor. He shows her as a human with feelings who suffered tragedies, loves, joy, and trepidations that touched her life in many ways. He pays such a grand tribute to her in the pages and tries to protect her from certain reviews from her movies, and I admired him for that quality. The pictures of Ms. Taylor beautifully grace the front and back cover of the book in this rare footage of art from Mr. Taraborrelli about the stunning Elizabeth Taylor. The collection inside makes this a rare book in itself.

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