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ISBN # 1-58608-762-2
December 2005
New Concepts Publishing
193 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ginevra was betrothed to Wolfram soon after she was born.  Wolfram does not want her and goes out of his way to belittle her on the few times they meet.  He even leaves her for another woman on their wedding night and leaves the next morning without saying good bye.  This strong independent woman makes a life for her despite his love for her and his constant rejections.

Wolfe has always loved Ginevra, but resentment over being betrothed to a baby, has made him less than kind to her.  He promises her brother not to use her harshly, but takes the promise to an extreme, leaving her and bedding every woman he can find except for her.  When he meets her three years after the wedding, he can not resist her. But once again, misconceptions lead him to leave without telling her his feelings.

Wolfe and Ginevra, betrothed without their consent, grow up and find that they love each other.  Their marriage is interrupted by the Crusades when Wolfe is presumed dead.   The two manage to overcome many misunderstandings and misdeed to find each other.

I really enjoyed this one.  Wolfe was a much less than perfect hero, but Ginevra finds something in him to love.  In the end, she is vindicated.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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