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ISBN: 1-60601-033-6
March 2008
Siren Publishing
112 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emilia Vega is above all else a mother. Being a single parent is hard work, especially when her ex has nothing to do with their son. She tries to make sure that Anthony is happy, even if that means putting her own life on hold.

Ramon Chavez is an English teacher, as well as a dance instructor. His mother would like to see him take over her dance studio, but teaching is his true calling. She would also like him to settle down and marry again, but the loss of his wife and child keep him from putting his heart out there.

Emilia is a middle-aged woman with a child. Her love life is non-existent, and according to her family she may as well be a nun. Her sister Angela loves to force her will upon her siblings, and in doing so, Emilia is now taking dance lessons. The irritation with Angela soon evaporates when Emilia meets her dance partner Ramon for the first time. Never has she felt such unadulterated lust in such a short amount of time. The man is sex personified; dark hair, dark eyes, and way too young for her. Ramon has always felt attracted to older women, and Emilia takes that attraction to a whole new level. Her diminutive stature and exotically beautiful eyes send his libido into overdrive. Their mutual attraction is sudden, and not all together appropriate when they discover that Ramon is her son’s teacher. Her son is also having difficulty with his feelings towards his father, and being left out of his father’s life. Emilia must make a decision. Can she bring another man into Anthony’s life, and risk hurting them both, or does she keep her vow to remain single until he is much older?

This story is both sensual and sweet. The characters are lovingly portrayed, and very identifiable. Emilia is a real Mom; one with desires and needs, but also a willingness to put those aside for her child. Ramon may be a playboy on the surface, but underneath his heart is tender and loving. They both find what they have been missing, and together they can finally be whole. I look forward to reading all of this series, and I am sure they will be just as fantastic.

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