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ISBN# 1555-5496
April 2008
Midnight Showcase
70 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Serena Thetis is the princess of the seven seas, and daughter of Neptune. As a mermaid, she is never to steal another cull’s, but when she steals her sister's, her father banishes her from the kingdom.

Dominic Theodopolis has everything coming from a ship building empire except finding the right woman. His father gives an ultimatum. Find a wife by Labor Day, or have his power evoked as patriarch.

Serena has never seen her father so angry. Her sister, Nadine, is in a rage when Serena steals the mortal in her possession. Because of her actions, Neptune sends her away and turns her into a statue. Nadine promises to get her revenge on Serena. Dominic has lunch with his father, who warns him to find a wife or else. He sees a mermaid statue in the restaurant and insists Dominic find someone like the mermaid. Luckily, Serena’s father releases her from her statue, making her a human. She must find a suitable mate by the Autumnal Equinox or else spend the rest of her life as a statue. As a waitress at the Little Mermaid restaurant, she and Dominic meet and sparks fly, but Nadine is determined to break up any happiness the two seek.

I must say that I was thoroughly enchanted with this story. Serena and Dominic are indeed a couple that belong together. Their emotions stand out and this reader could share in the pain that each hold in their heart. Nadine comes across as a good protagonist and plays her part well as a sister who shows her sibling jealousy well. Ms. O’Berry fashions a lovely romance out of Enchanted. I thought the way she depicts Serena and her family under the sea was done very well. She creates a read that tugs at the heart.

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