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ISBN# (10): 0-352-34195-5/ (13): 978-0-352-34195-2
October 14, 2008
Black Lace (Imprint of Random House Group)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
274 Pages
Erotic Fairy Tales
Rating: 4 Cups

Bear Skin

Hazel is not content working at her job. She will do anything to be relieved of her everyday tasks. When the opportunity arrives for her to leave, for a year and a day, as long as she does as he request, Hazel eagerly accepts.

Arailt has a deep sounding voice with flattened Scottish vowels. He comes to her at night and is gone by morning. He has one chance to find a woman to love him, unconditionally no matter how he looks or what he is but will Hazel pass the test?

Hazel wondered what set her apart from the other junior booksellers that would draw his attention. She will do anything to get away from her claustrophobic job. She is trying to forget her ex, Evan. After meeting Arailt and promising to be with him, at least for a year, and a day, she cannot get enough of his love. Arailt will be released from his engagement to the Queen of Shadows if he can find the one woman that truly loves him for being himself. When the time arrives that Hazel wishes to see her friends for a day, will Arailt permit it or be afraid she will never return to him?

Janine Ashbless carries her readers into a remarkable tale that not only delights but sizzles with fervent passion. Bear Skin is an eye-opening read, with imagination and magic at its best. This is one cuddle bear that brings on the thrills.

The Three Riddles

Pearl is the King’s daughter. She recalls the first time she fell in love with Thomas when he rode inside the gatehouse in his armour. Pearl wants no other man in her life, but her father may say differently.

Sir Thomas of Minotha says he first loved Pearl when she was born. She will always be his Princess, the love of his heart. When it comes down to defending her kingdom, how far will he go?

Some in the village express that Pearl is too flighty, while Thomas too phlegmatic. Pearl believes they are only jealous because she and Thomas are in love. Unfortunately, the King believes his daughter should marry another and it should be from the country Udia. Thomas suggests if Pearl were pregnant it might work to their advantage, but Pearl insist she is no heifer but a Princess. She insists she can marry whom she loves and rule her own land. She cares for Sir Thomas of Minotha not Prince Gilbert who is just a boy. After Pearl’s father dies, she becomes Queen and is at liberty to make her own marriage negotiations. When memories of Thomas beckon at her heart, will she choose true love or the kingdom? Or can Sir Thomas come to her rescue?

The Three Riddles is a love story that is hard to part with once the reader gets attached to Pearl and Thomas. Olivia Knight does an excellent job showing the true emotions of Pearl and Thomas. This story shines with romance, passion and love, along with a deep trust hard to release.

The People in the Garden

Katia Ludovice is an orphan on her way to the Manor Malinovsky to begin her new job. She lost her parents to a fatal mishap and was sent to stay with her Uncle Istvan. He finds her a house of nobility where she will earn a modest wage, but Katia never knew the other pleasures she would learn.

Count Nikolai and Countess Irina are pleased to have Katie in their midst. Irina especially is fond of the young girl. Nikolai, for sure, has a hard time steering his glances from her.

It has been three months since Katia’s parents took the holiday that ended their lives. She is sent to work in a manor, with people she is unfamiliar, but at least leaving her snake of an uncle. While brooding on thoughts of her family and future, she is surprised to find such a beautiful manor and a job not as unpleasant as she imagined. The Count and Countess are an unusual couple and while experiencing some sexual delights, Katia happens to enter, only to be surprised and excited by their actions. She is especially intrigued with Nikolai. In no time, Katia is pulled into their sensual appetites, yet she cannot understand why Irina is always giving more pleasure to Nikolai and none to herself. When Katia’s pique is heightened, the Countess takes her under her wings, but once a ritual puts Katia in the middle of events, will she be able to escape?

This story keeps the reader so glued to the pages it is hard to turn away for a brief second. Powerful, demanding, compelling and without a doubt, spellbinding, The People in the Garden transports the audience on an elevated charge of excitement. Leonie Martel allows suspense to build until the final exploding moment. This tale is awesome.

Enchanted is rich in passion, romance, suspense, and some sizzling sensual pleasures. Each of the characters are well-developed and vibrant in all their actions. I found the stories to be wonderfully sketched, with a visual detail that enhance the read further. For the reader looking for that little extra, Janine Ashbless, Olivia Knight and Leonie Martel go the extra mile in this assortment of tales. Their sounding voices bring on creative imaginations, and emotions that explode leaping into the reader’s heart. I still have Bear Skin etched in my head, the story is so powerful. The other two tales were equally overwhelming that lend some considerable thought to this reader.

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