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ISBN# (10) 0-06-113034-6 and (13) 978-0-06-113034-2
January 2007
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
368 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ivy Seidel dreams of being a writer. With a creative writing from MFB and a drawer of rejections, and numerous stories that she has penned, she still has not become the all around great American novelist. When her friend, Joel, offers her his job at the upstate New York prison doing a writing course, she accepts.

Detective Ferdie Gagnon is the one who brought Harrow into the prison. He also knows that Ivy is the second writer who has come in asking questions.

Ivy knows her funds are running low and after receiving too many rejections, she chooses to take the job at the maximum-security prison. When good friend, Danny, learns she will be teaching writing classes for inmates, he is surprised. Dannemora, the name of the prison in which she will be teaching, is known to have terrible violence, not to mention aggressive inmates behind bars. Ivy meets Vance Harrow and finds him so unlike any of the other prisoners. In fact he seems to be extremely bright and artistic. Ivy begins to wonder should Vance even be in prison? Especially after talking to him and learning more for his reasons of being behind bars. One minute he shows charm and the next a barrage of rage that she does not quite understand. Ferdie begins to question Ivy and her real reason for answers. He knows that crimes can be complicated enough without any mixed conspiracy theories. She may be working on a book, but he still wonders why all the questions. As Ivy continues to question Vance’s innocence, she sets out to find the truth, not realizing every time she pumps for more answers to her questions, she is only drawing attention to herself. Now she may have entered a domain that should have been kept closed.

End of Story is one of those reads that allows the reader to follow the steps of an aspiring writer who is willing to jump into any situation to find that one theme that will help get the recognition needed to be a famous author. The foundation of the story is quite fascinating and gives the reader insight into some aspects of prison life that Ivy encounters once she enters the prison. She even faces some of the brutal attacks often brought on by fellow prisoners. She certainly has guts to delve into an investigation just for a mystery when she is only a writer. I enjoyed the dialogue she shared with Ferdie and Vance, and often got caught up in the contact. Peter Abrahams weaves a psychological suspense thriller that keeps one on the edge of their seat often wondering what will happen next. There were moments I tried to close the book to finish it later, but each page drove me closer to the end. All I can say is, thanks for a colossal ending that I never saw in the making.

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