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ISBN#: 9781594268717
April 14, 2008
Rating: 3 Cups

Lyssa has her ship that needs upgrades but after seeing a luscious girl soon to be auctioned off as a slave, her interest suddenly turns to the girl.

Alya is a slave that is soon purchased by Lyssa. As a slave she is to do anything that her owner desires, no matter how great the punishment.

Lyssa knows people just try to survive on the miserable planet. The mining colony is not any tourist attraction, rather a place for thieves, smugglers. She did not care for the way the women were forced into slavery but seeing the young one about to be auctioned off catches her eye. Basically, some had to use their bodies to survive. Her first captain Nita, does not believe she should buy the slave when the ship needs repairs. Nita knows that Lyssa is drawn to Alya sexually. Nita does not desire her in that way, rather she does not wish Alya to stay because the girl will be a constant reminder of what she will never have. Lyssa wants to set Alya free but she also wishes to have her in her bed. With her own scars tormenting her, Lyssa can only wonder if someone as beautiful as Alya will desire her or wish to leave.

Enslaving Heaven is a read that gives thought. The characters, especially Lyssa, have to be tough especially enduring such treatment on the planet. Lyssa, Alya and Nita are engaging characters each fighting with a scar or blemish in their life. I found myself caring for each of them. Michelle Houston spins a tale at a good pace, where the reader can get a feel of the planet and the surroundings. She not only tells a story well, but one I enjoyed. I would like to read more about Nita.

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