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ISBN# 0-425-21275-0
September 2006
Berkley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street. New York, N.Y. 10014
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Kiera Stevens, a brilliant executive, has primed herself well to achieve the position at kidTek to take over the reins of her late fathers company. After hearing about possible corporate spying in the company, she sets out to find the mole.

Dillon, Kiera’s good friend, comes to her aid after learning her company is under some sort of industrial espionage.

John ‘Lantis’ Atlantis, a security expert, is surprised when his good friend, Dillon comes to him for help. The former specialist of the black ops world has the right knowledge for uncovering exactly where the holes are in any security system. But one thing he never anticipated was his new client to be a flaming dish.

Kiera, CEO and owner of kidTek, is thrilled when her dream of being a successful business leader pans out for her. She is determined to make sure her father’s business stays a success and one thing she highly disproves is someone stealing secrets from the company. She has worked too hard for this successful dream to have anyone sabotage her father’s achievement. She turns to Dillon for assistance, who just happens to know the right man to upgrade the security and plug the leaks before it can threaten any projects. Lantis has no intention on turning Dillon down so he makes preparations to begin his mission. The only way Lantis has a good sweep into the company is a low profile, so he pretends he is Kiera’s lover. Fireworks abound when Kiera and Lantis meet and Lantis finds resourceful ways to make their alliance a bit more at ease. Soon they find themselves growing closer together and fighting an even stronger attraction toward the other they never imagined. Unaware someone is closely observing their every move; they allow their guard to drop leaving the culprit spy to zoom in closer. Now Kiera is completely in close range ready to be taken just when the time is right.

Entangled is a spellbinding on the edge of your seat read. Kiera and Lantis consume with passion after they interact with each other. Their burning chemistry sizzles like a struck match never losing its flame. When they are in a room together they make the story appear so realistic with their heated days and ember burning nights. With a well-crafted plot, in-depth characters and impeccable writing this story delivers in every way. This book is so extraordinary that this reader expected even the remarkable secondary characters to jump from of the pages. Ms. Dante incorporates two refreshing characters that spin with electrifying magnetism. This reader was completely captivated and intrigued by a rare gripping story that holds no bounds where excellence excels. An extraordinaire and compelling read that has this reader screaming for more with a well deserved 5.

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