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ISBN# 0821780735
November 2008
Zebra/Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor New York NY, 10022
450 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Katerina Pavlova Garibaldi the Contessa De Salerno was one of the most sought after jewel designers in all of London. But everything about her was a lie. She was no Contessa, no blue blood, and the only truth about her was that she was taking care of her brother, sisters and daughter. She carries out this masquerade to gain revenge on the man who ruined her family. For the last five years all she can think about is killing the man who ruined her older sister, murdered her older brother, and caused the heart attack of her beloved father.

Prince Drako Kazanov cannot keep thoughts of this beguiling woman out of his mind. Katerina Garibaldi is all he can think about. What a wonderful mystery this woman turns out to be for him. He will stop at nothing until he has her.

It does not take long for these two to recognize the attraction between them. Kat leads Drako on a merry chase before finally succumbing to his charms. There are only a couple of problems, one someone is trying to kill them, and two Kat cannot bring herself to be honest with the prince. Her pride and fear keep her silent about her true identity. Will these two manage to work things out before it is too late or will the person trying to kill them finally succeed?

What a magical book about love, deception, forgiveness, and murder. Patricia Grasso takes you into a world of old world romance spiced with intrigue, mystery, and danger. The characters of Katerina and Draco leap off the pages, and you find yourself wishing that this magical story could happen to you. This is one of the best historical romances I have read this year. I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author.

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