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January 2009
Eternal Press
33 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Julie Blalock is an ex-agent with MI6, called up for an assignment by the Ministry of Defense. Widowed because of an error on the part of MI6, Julie never planned to go back in the secret agent business ever again -- until today. She is intrigued enough to impersonate Dorothy Buchan, a rich widowed socialite with an unsavory past.

Ms. Esther May Morrow is putting on an extravagant auction with known ties to the underworld. She is here to find out who killed her fiancé and is putting everything here tonight up for bid at auction, even enlisting the aid of “Dorothy Buchan” to help her.

Lot 62 is one of two existing works by the Mayan King Vichama. This is what everyone wants to get their hands on, or so Julie is being told. Having to go undercover and secure “The Archangel” at all costs is her assignment. Ms. Esther May Morrow believes the person responsible for the death of her fiancé is going to be bidding on Lot 62 and she is ready to unveil the killer by fair means or foul.

This is a very fast and furiously paced bit of whimsy that keeps you on your toes. I had no idea exactly what this was going to be about, and you will not care because you will be as caught up in it as I was. This is the second in the series and is able to stand alone quick nicely. But I must say I now want to read the first and be in line to get the next couple stories in the series hinted at in the book. The end is so surprising and the twists and turns this takes you on makes you wonder how this quick tale packs such a big punch.

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