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ISBN: 978-1-55487-057-8
May 1, 2008
eXtasy Books
332 Pages
Paranormal, Romance, Erotic & Beyond, Horror, Vampire Series
Rating: 4 Cups

Anne Sullivan is a twenty-seven year old woman in 1861. Her existence up until this point was fraught with tragedy. Her father is her only living relative, and would prefer to have nothing to do with her. She reminds him too much of all they have lost.

Evan Marsten is a technology consultant for big businesses, in the twenty-first century. Through a mutual friend, he met Anne, and they have been inseparable ever since. She is the most stunning woman he has ever known, and he intends to make their union permanent.

Anne is on the verge of ending her life, only to have that life irrevocably changed for all eternity. The strange man who entered her life that day was Sasha. He became her creator, and brought her into the world of the undead. Anne left Sasha’s side early on, and took the journey of discovery upon herself. She learned at the feet of the ancient vampire Aria what it took to survive, and she excelled. Many people came and went throughout her solitary life, but the threat of the hunters never abated. Decades would pass without their appearance, but she knew they were always there, and they were getting stronger. By the time Anne met Evan her life was lonely but relatively normal. He was the first man to ever, in all her decades, bring forth the ecstasy of emotional bonding without the need to feed. She loved him plain and simple, but now the hunters were back. Could she ever be free to love and live in peace, or would solitude be her constant companion throughout time?

This is one of the most fascinating vampire tales on the market. Anne’s life is a journey of discovery, of trial and error, guilt and acceptance. Ms. West gives Anne a heart and soul that draws the reader into her story. The male characters are secondary, but no less developed. Each facet of Anne’s existence is portrayed, almost like you are reading her diary; from the simplest of things, like learning to feed, to how she integrates herself into society. I enjoyed every moment of it, and look forward to many more great books from this author.

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