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ISBN# 1-60076-071-6
August 2008 Publishing
3851 Cottonwood Drive Danville, California 94506
Trade Paperback
260 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Rachel Kane thought she was applying for a simple cataloging job. Desperate to leave her stressful life by moving to a quieter, less demanding existence far away from ‘that guy’, she discovers she will be working alongside the famous Dr Evan Callahan. She butts heads with him from their first meeting. Despite his reputation for arrogance and his inability to work with others, Rachel takes the position and is happy for the chance of solitude.

Dr Evan Callahan is a genius, a child prodigy who graduated college at 15. Evan does not want his work cataloged. He does not like people around his work because they make him jumpy. With the exception of a very select few, he avoids people at all costs, then his long time friend brings yet another interviewee to annoy him. Evan is pleased when this sassy good-looking woman fights back giving as good as she gets. This could be more interesting than he thought.

Life would be perfect apart from the odd bits of vandalism and strange phone calls in the early hours of the morning. Convinced that it is the annoying girly from the centre, Rachel ignores her and concentrates on her budding relationship with Evan. Rachel knows nothing can come of her feelings for Evan, he is a loner and she’s been there before. ‘That guy’ always worked alone and never noticed if she was there or not. But Evan did notice and was always polite, maybe he isn’t like ‘that guy’.

This is one of those exceptional books that before the end of the first page you know that you are just going to love it. Rachel is a sassy and energetic woman who uses her intelligence to get what she wants out of life. She is a beautiful person who loves with her whole heart and only hopes for love in return. Evan is brilliant, a genius and capable of doing many things at the same time. But as with most men, he does not know how to show his feelings or how to build a relationship. I enjoyed watching him struggle with his feelings. It is not just this cute couple who make this book work, the secondary characters are just as strong and well developed. Ms Fabre’s amazing debut novel promises an excellent start in a career this reviewer plans to watch closely.

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